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We are all accounting software companies. What makes some of us big and successful and the others not so is the quality of our accounting software. For over 30 years TurboCASH has provided software and open source accounting tools to help your business get an advantage.

Welcome to the TurboCASH Community. This site is a workplace for Users, Consultants, Accountants Entrepreneurs. We look forward to doing business with you.


accounting software, free accounting software, open source accounting





What TurboCASH is not.


TurboCASH not a simple point and click system. It can be set up to work as a simple invoicing system, Point of Sale, Cashbook It is inherently a double entry system with all the built in benefits that come from that.


TurboCASH is not a ERP system. There are workflow procedures, but these are encapsulated in the batch processing system. There is little fexibility on data entry, which is rigorously checked.


TurboCASH is not a cloud system. Data can easily be moved between systems and TurboCASH can run in Docker bottles like Codeweavers but the architecture is oriented to being a Desktop system.


TurboCASH is not a Payroll. Payroll rules vary dramatically from country to country. TurboCASH can however handle the import and export of transactions via CSV files.



The TurboCASH project has been going for over 30 years. The last 15 as an open source project run as a sole proprietor, Philip Copeman. We have no external debt or outside shareholders. We make very few demands on our community and because we are so large we are able to command good terms in buying technology. In a commercial model we are this able to deliver at a cost significantly below competitors, who are hamstrung with external cash demands.

We are committed to using open source principles to maximize research, but we also have an attractive freemium model which makes participation profitable fro users.

Welcome to the TurboCASH Community. This site is a workplace for Users, Consultants, Accountants Entrepreneurs. We look forward to doing business with you.


accounting software, free accounting software, open source accounting





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I'm having a problem printing customer reports. The system comes up with a long list of things it needs or simply says no data to print. I have downloaded it again to make sure it's not damaged but no joy. Any ideas or advice please?
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Here are the links to the materials you will need for this course.
TurboCASH 5.2.

Accounting Made Easy as taught at Tertiary Institutions…
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