Why TurboCASH?

TurboCASH Business Class comes with both TurboCAHS4 and TurboCASH 5. You are free to distribute TurboCASH 4 Free to your clients.

Use TurboCASH's open architrecture to develop proprietary solutions.

Use TurboCASH flexibility as a Planning tool in a VERY LARGE |BUSINESS.

Use TurboCASH to connect to your SME Community. Synchronise data between your system and remote users.

TCDuPont provides a planning tool for models from 1 year to 10 years. Run a summary set of book for your Multi Million Dollar Corporation in TurboCASH for flexible analysis

TurboCASH Project

TurboCASH is a batch driven, double entry, rollback database, that in conjunctions with Spreadsheets is an exceptional planning and reporting tool for corporates.

You can use TurboCASH to facilitate IFRS or GARP practices in over 80 countries.

You can participate in developing opens source or proprietary accounting frameworks

TurboCASH with spreadsheets creates a full auditing and consulting solution.

Make use of the turboCASH consulting Community to get fullpower from TurboCASH.


CSV, SQL, Firebird

Repeating Entries

Multi Language

Report Drill Downs

Rollback Database

Open Source Data

Spreadsheet Integration

Cloud Applications

World Class General Ledger

Batch Driven, Double Entry

IFRS and GARP Accounts

Tax Compliant in 80 Countries

nventory, Invoicing, Cashbook,

Debtors Creditors

Full reports

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