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Restrictions of the Classic Model


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2018 marks 16 years of TurboCASH as an open source project. In this time open source has changed considerably. It is now big business. Its no longer a couple of geeks get together in a garage and scrape out some code. Hyper ledger for example requests a $250,000 membership fee from its contributors.

The open source future for TurboCASH is micro services and contributing to the key strategic open source projects  by downstreaming these technologies to our users.

We have in TurboCASH 4 a stable but aging version that should satisfy the users completely unable to make any kind of purchase or financial contribution. In TurboCASH 5 we have an easily maintainable piece of commercial code with no oppressive external obligations. It is maintained by Philip Copeman, Pieter Valentijn and Danie van Zyl.


Our current advantages are:

Scalabilty; Multi Language; Transaction roll backs; flexible report writer; database speed


Key elements of our 5 year strategy

Make compliance as easy as possible

Enable the users to take advantage of the many cloud services on offer;

Deal with blockchain in an IFRS context



TurboCASH 4 Open Source

Download Source  TurboCASH 4

TurboCASH 4 source is available.

Requires these developer licences:

Windows XP

Delphi 7

Infopower 7

Quick Reports




TurboCASH 5 Closed Source

Get Closed Source

TurboCASH 5

Open Office Spreadsheets

TurboCASH Business Class Users Only

Requires these developer licences

Windows 10

Delphi XE


Quantum Grid

Open  Office (Free)


Bank Feeds

The ability to synch with multiple bank accounts is very important to all accounting packages. We are currently examining two offering for automatic feeds. Price remains a concern for both these solutions.







Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, you have been witnessing a revolution in blockchain transactions. We are currently exploring the building of a downstream relationship with the Hyper Ledger Project.

Hyper Ledger Fabric



Accounting Education

We constantly work on the interface between TurboCASH and the Accounting Industry. We offer Free Accounting Education. - Accounting Made Easy with TurboCASH. We offer Free and Paid access to the wider range of subjects surrounding Accounting - Mathematics, Economics, Development - Copeman Academy. The technologies used here are : HTML5, BootstrapMTD, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Box CSS, Javascript, Mathsjs, Javascript, JQuery, popperjs, Visual Data Studio, Github, Camtasia, Paintshop Pro, FontAwesome, Vuejs, Codepen.io, Nodejs, FirebirdSQL, Neo4j, GraphQL, JSON, CSV, IFRS, Open Stax, You Tube, Open Office


Resellers and Developers

The TurboCASH Community is 150,000 Businesses from 2 Million Downloads. TurboCASH Business Class is a small but growing number of subscribers, represented by Philip Copeman  that jointly buy technology.  We require Resellers to localise and promote TurboCASH in selected Cities and Developers to provide us Products.

Resellers get %50 of Subscriotion revenues abd are responsible for managing and maintainingTurboCASH in ther city. Resellers Agreement

Developers provide us with technology that is universally useful to all TurboCASH Business Class Users. Developers Group


Restrictions of the Classic Model

In the year AD 2017,  for an end user targeting a Windows Desktop  TurboCASH 5 is an excellent product: Robust, Stable,and lightning quick. It represents 20 years of development by multiple developers and contains one Million lines of Pascal Code and business rules.

Developer Restrictions:

Windows 32 Platform

$3000 Development Stack

90 day  learning curve for Developers

Pascal Environment

Closed source components that restrict distribution.

Overly normalised Database (Blame 1998 Philip)

No MVC Architecture  (blame 1998 Philip)



TurboCASH 6


Because of the restrictions of the Classic and the changing nature of Open Source, we propose putting TurboCASH 5 into Maintenance Mode and moving to a open Source Stack based around Microservices and HyperLedger.

This will enable our developers to

Have a much easier Learning Curve

Work on smaller manageable projects

Have minimal licencing costs for the Dev Stack

Leverage the dominant Cloud technologies




TurboCASH 6 Open Source Development Stack




Go Lang




Hyper Ledger






Component CSS


Docker Containers


Go Language