For those interested in the material value of the TurboCASH Project.

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  • I may not currently be able to put funds into the project but I have come this far. I plan to learn as much as I can and even invest my time where I can until this succeeds.
  • OK - So we have finally established that -  I am the TurboCASH Project Leader. That is what I do. I put into place plans for 5 years. I have got us here for 10 years and until we find someone else more suitable, I'll do it a short while longer.....

    Now what position do you want and what will you do?

    For those interested in this train of thought, I run the Ning Group

    For me to get $ 40 Million I need to show a working, healthy community of 100 000 users, working in harmony under GPL3 and operating in a number of countries. I would need to show how an injection of say $10 Million that would expand the user base to 1 000 000 and I would need to show that the community of 1 Million users would then be worth at least $500M.

    From the incomming partner, I would take payment in cash ($15 M), $ 10 left in the business,   and shares ($35 M), such that  all the appopriate payments absolutely ensure the success of the project. $ 15 Million in $150 M out For the 25% partner.  $5M out for us now in cash and $350 out in shares.

    The project would be run from Amsterdam. Anyone who takes either cash or shares has to sign a commitment to the buy-in partner - starting with me.

    To be successful I will require a number of territory agents, who are committed to the purpose of expanding the user base in their given territory and have an incentive to do so.

    Do you understand what I  am talking about?

    For those interested in the material value of the TurboCASH Project.
  • My current estimation of the value of the TurboCASH is a minimum of $40M and growing rapidly.

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