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  • Are there anyone who uses Turbocash for an estate agency?
  • Explanation of the VAT changeover to 15%

    VAT change from 14% to 15%
    The Tax authorities may impose changes in the VAT (GST/Sales tax) rates. For example, in South Africa, the South African Revenue Services (SARS), cha…
  • Sedert ons TurboCASH 30 jaar gelede onwikkel het, het ons altyd tweetalige inhoud beskerm en ontwikkel. Die benadering van TurboCASH in Afrikaans en om die Rekenmeesters se huis taal te beskerm, het ons goeie besigheid geoes. TurboCASH word nou in 25 Tale uitgereik en word in meer as 80 belastingsisteme gebruik.

    Vanaf TurboCASH weergawe 5 kan gebruikers nou Debiteure en Kredituere in verskillende tale hanteer en elke kliënt kan sy fakture, kwotasies en kredietnotas in sy verkieste taal ontvang. Hierdie vemoëns maak TurboCASH uniek in die Sagteware wêreld. 

    Ons is trots om n voledige Afrikaanse uitgawe van TurboCASH aan te bied.

    Rekeningkunde Met Gemak
    TurboCASH Online Hulp (Afrikaans) Bestel TurboCASH 5 -  nou voledig in Afrikaans R 900 Rekeningkunde met Gemak ‘n Handleiding vir enige iemand wa…
  • Her computer itself is ancient and she cannot afford a new one. She is in her seventies but still run a small business.  I will see when I get there, what can be done.

    This is another instance where a Linux-based TC would have saved the day.

  • Linus it should be simple just to help your friend. No fear - just do it. If you do need help consultants earn their living doing this. My recomendation - upgrade her to the latest free version. She is likely using 15 year old software.

  • I think we should be fighting to lift the VAT threshhold.

    I propose a vat free zone up to R 10 Million per year. Everyone over that pays 30% VAT adn everyone under that is Vat Free. This gives a 30% margin to the smaller businesses.

    What better, simpler  way to stimulate SME growth.

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