A tutorial group to learn TurboCASH 5.2

Learners get an academic version of TurboCASH 5.2; Accounting made Easy, access to Open Stax; structured lessons. We will cover installation and set up; data entry; accounting principles. Learners participate to their own level and can leave at no notice. THre are no prerequisites to joining.

This course is FREE.


In the 14th century after the black plagues, the people of Europe were dancing in the streets!  Soon we will be dancing too.



18 Learners 5.2
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  • Was this course a non-starter? Was there a time limit? I got no further emails about it and the included TB version expired.
This reply was deleted.

Materials Required

Here are the links to the materials you will need for this course.   TurboCASH 5.2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/14GxWKZBSdpEgXw_QTMpJeLp-hVsHlX0k/view?usp=sharing Accounting Made Easy as taught at Tertiary Institutions https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q5cxDDaPwB7AXcGZrEXxqiI9F6yGjdJO/view?usp=sharing Principles of Accounting and Accounting 2, Openstax free books that teach the principles of accounting. Works for all countries. https://openstax.org/subjects/business

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