Hi, all I created this group for Canadians on here so we can discuss how to use the Turbocash software and better understand it so that it works for them.  I would like to make some tutorials on how to use TurboCASH better such as making custom reports using Report Designer, learning how to open the SQL data base and the tools needed to browse the Turbocash data base.  I think that Phillip has made a great piece of software and I want to contribute back.  I would like to get it so TurboCASH is just as easy to learn and use as Quickbooks out there.  I believe that goal can be achieved if more people band to together on the forums to share their experiences so we can piece the information so we can make Turbocash a solid experience.

If you would like to help towards this project, please join this group so we can getting something started.

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  • Can you produce a TurboCASH Set of Books as an Example?

  • In TurboCASH you can only have "Onetax" per transaction. gets too complex otherwise. So you have to group taxes.

    HST is the basis of the solution.

    If I have GST and PST for local sales and only GSTfro crosss states sales, I will ahve to create two tax types

    Instate sales (GST+PST)

    Cross State sales (GST only)

    Then I am gogint to need a monthly Journal to balance the contraol account.

    Now we can create a single set of books fro Canada (encompassing ALL options - about 16 differenttaxtypes) and then when the user installs he simply deletes the tax type not applicable


    we can have a set of books fro each state.

    Everyone following me?

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