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Why TurboCASH?


The first or second person in every company or partnership is an accountant.


If there is only one person, you – then the accountant is you.


No cheaper way to learn accounting than TurboCASH


TurboCASH talks the language of Accountants, Banks, Customers, Suppliers, The Man. Learn it and you can make money from them.


Once you learn it you will not have to change packages as you business grows, at least not until you get to ERP ($100M) – and then some.


TurboCASH Project


TurboCASH 5  Annual Subscriptions cost at $60 per year


Commercial Components

Economies of Scale

Strong Community


Access to Consultants from $50 per hour





Inventory, Invoicing, Cashbook,

Debtors Creditors

Full reports


Repeating Entries

Multi Language

Report Drill Downs

Rollback Database

Open Source Data

Spreadsheet Integration

Cloud Applications


World Class General Ledger

Batch Driven, Double Entry

IFRS and GARP Accounts

Tax Compliant in 80 Countries