Bank Online Plugin

Do you find accounting data capture a drag?


The DelphiDreams Bank Online Plug in for TurboCASH will cut your transaction processing for TurboCASH 5  in half.


No more data capture.

Auto Allocate Transactions

Works with most Bank formats including, OFC, Paypal and CSV


With the bankimport plugin you can import your bank transactions and link them to the open amounts of your debtors/creditors/other accounts. It is also possible to link account numbers (if your export contains them) to your debtors/creditors/other accounts,  therefore to the right debtors/creditors/other accounts will be linked automatically if the number is in the import.


TurboCASH 5 Subscribers                       $ 49    Order


TurboCASH 5 PLUS Bank Online Bundle     $109    Order


If you do not have PayPal or are in a country where Foreign Credit Card payments are difficult,  Please contact me for alternative payment method.